Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Italian Artist (1527-1593)

Have you heard of Giuseppe Arcimboldo? That is a funny name, right? He was born in Milan Italy, in 1527. He is most famous for his portraits of human heads made up of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and all sorts of other things.

Show Bowl of Vegetables/ The Gardener

What do you see? (Turn upside-down) Now what do you see? Pretty cool huh?

Vegetables In A Bowl by Giuseppe Arcimboldo      Vegetables In A Bowl by Giuseppe Arcimboldo-sm         

Look at some of his other paintings. What do you notice? The entire faces are made of things like fruit, vegetables, flowers, kitchen items, and even sea creatures! Look closely at the faces. What do you see? Can you name ten different things Giuseppe used to make the faces?

Vortumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo  Summer by Giuseppe Arcimboldo The Cook by Giuseppe Arcimboldo Spring by Giuseppe ArcimboldoFruit Basket by Giuseppe ArcimboldoThe Water The Water by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Today, art scholars debate whether or not Arcimboldo painted these for fun, or if he was kind of crazy. Which do you think it was?

Today, you get to paint a face made out of fruits & veggies like Arcimboldo.

What I would suggest is that you first make some sketches on paper to figure out how you want to put the face together, then draw it on the illustration board with a pencil, then start to paint.

Supplies Needed:

-Prints or digital slideshow of Arcimboldo’s work

-fruit & veggies to use as reference

-acrylic paint

-illustration boards

-palettes for paint

-paint brushes (sm, med, lrg)

-containers for water

-sketch paper

– Aprons/big t-shirts to protect clothing

Please share your experiences teaching this lesson, any improvements you would recommend, and pictures of your students’ artwork. 🙂

Thank you!